Why My Clients Don't Celebrate Made-Up Holidays

Why My Clients Don’t Celebrate Made-Up Holidays

This is something that regularly comes up in the course of a social media client relationship. Whether it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day or Call a Friend Day or some other made-up holiday, a client will say, “What do you think?”

My eyes get big and I turn into a fire-breathing beast. Haha not really. Sort of.

There is just something about these made-up holidays that really gets under my skin.

Using Made-Up Holidays as a Strategy is Lazy

You may think I’m joking when I say people use made-up holidays as a social media strategy. I assure you, I am not.

There are accounts out there that are run by people who must have a calendar just dedicated to these holidays, because that is all I see them post. One after another after another after another until I go completely mad. And then even after that, one after another after another.

They could have done the hard work of trying to connect with their audience with content that matters, but no. They took a shortcut. Shortcuts are more likely to get you lost than to get you on the right path towards finding your customer.

Made-Up Holidays Make You Look Like Everyone Else

So now that you know there are accounts just dedicated to posting these made-up holidays, you know you’re likely going to be posting the exact same thing as everyone else. If you’re posting the same thing as everyone else, why would I follow you?

Original content that is tailored to your audience is going to always rule the day. It will make more people want to follow you simply because you are giving them what they actually want instead of this popcorn stuff. Made-up holidays may seem filling at first, but your fans will be hungry for something else very soon. Are you able to give that to them?

But There is an Exception

I normally hate writing about rules because I don’t have one single rule that I completely stick to. This is definitely one of those rules you shouldn’t follow all the time.

So what is that exception?

When one of these holidays fits into your organizational goals and you can create witty content that your audience will love, RUN WITH IT. You are not being lazy. You are not creating content that everyone else is putting out there. Instead, you are an expert sharing your expertise. That is always a good thing.

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