My Weekly Results

My Weekly Results

I’ve never done this before and it kind of scares me to share the results of my promoting my business, but I think it’s going to be a fun adventure and you will get a look into what gets me super excited.

Goal: Get Benchmark Results from a Week of Blogging

Yes, my first comeback goal for last week was a relatively easy one: I just needed to set a benchmark that I could build on. After daily blogging during weekdays, I did that. I have numbers, and I learned a lot.

Best Network: Instagram

Yes, you read that right. I received most of my click-throughs last week from Instagram and people clicking from Instagram tended to spend more time on my website.

I was personally posting my blog links, as I do not have a business Instagram profile at this time. Does this make me wonder if I should start a business Instagram profile? Sure. But with the demands on my time, I think my best way forward is to table this until I have more image and video content. So this is something to think about as I put together my future roadmap.

Also LinkedIn was not far behind. I started it later in the week than everything else. That was my mistake. When I think of where I like to post and talk to others as an individual, LinkedIn is not at the top of my list. But it did produce, so I’ll keep that up. I kind of expect it to be my top network next week.

Worst Network: Twitter

I don’t think it will surprise anyone that I just didn’t get traffic from Twitter. But that does not mean I didn’t get some results that I was hoping for from Twitter.

Honestly, my goal with Twitter is to keep up my blog reading. I have eight slots to fill daily on Twitter for a reason. Yes, the more you tweet, the more people respond, but that’s not the whole story.

I fill three of those slots with my own blog posts. The other five have to come from blogs I have read. That means I have to read at least five blog posts daily, but that would assume that all five blog posts are posts that are relevant to my audience. The truth is I read much more than that, and it keeps me on top of everything I need to know.

So as much as I want to say I post to Twitter for my audience, this is a case where it’s for me, and if my audience gets something out of it, that’s great as well. Maybe that is why I am not getting great results on the network itself, but I’m getting great results for myself right now so I am fine with it.

Most Read Page: Why My Clients Don’t Celebrate Made-Up Holidays

I really thought my post about what I was reading would win the day, but I was wrong.

Apparently this was a rant everyone was feeling. I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing that I was rewarded for ranting. I guess more ranting is in my future. We shall see. But I am definitely looking at ways I can build off of this success.

What I Learned

I learned what I already knew: I need a wider variety of content. Right now, I am focused on creating blog content, but each network needs its own personalized content. I will get there, but this is another time where I have to look at the amount of time I have and decide it is a future project. For now, I would like to have lots of content on the website that I can connect to that personalized content, so for a few more weeks that will be my focus.

I also learned that I still have an audience. My absence was the right thing to do for my well-being and for my family (life was hard there for awhile). It made me think I’d be starting from square one. However, I still did things for others when I could and did lots in the background. It was a good reminder that you don’t have to blatantly put yourself out there to get people to listen to you. You can be quiet about it as well.

This Week’s Goal: Keep Doing What I Am Doing

What? You thought I’d have this huge goal to chip away at. Nope. We are gentle with ourselves as we make our comebacks, folks.

I don’t feel solid in my blogging schedule yet, and I think I need to continue to work out when I am doing my writing, editing and other such things. So my number one goal is to figure that out while I keep producing at the same level as last week. And that means you won’t see much difference on the front end, but I will be doing things in the background to make this process smoother on myself.

And I can’t not have a stretch goal. I am too Type-A for that. So my stretch goal is to increase clicks to my website by ten percent. I won’t be doing anything different, so I will be okay if I don’t hit this. But I think daily posting on LinkedIn will easily get me to this goal. We shall see.

Is there anything else you would like to see from my results post? Let me know!


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