Social Media Client Questionnaire: Why I Ask What Your Love

Social Media Client Questionnaire: Why I Ask What You Love

Whenever someone hires my company for social media consulting, the first thing that happens is they are given a social media client questionnaire to fill out. It’s easy to guess at what some of my questions are, but there are probably a few that would surprise you. And yes, as you can tell by the name of this blog post, I ask every single client what they love about their organization.

Sounds a bit like I’m being touchy-feely, but not really. I’m actually trying to set your organization up for the best social media results that I can possibly give you.

I Have to Fall in Love with Your Organization

Fans have a good nose for what is absolutely fake and what is real. They are more likely to respond to those who love what they do. So my job is to fall in love with your organization as quickly as possible. Just being “in like” with what you do isn’t enough. I won’t be able to do you justice and your results will show that.

The quickest way to love? Talk to someone who is already in love with the organization. Hopefully that is my client contact, but on the rare occasion it’s not, I find that person and I ask them about their love.

Most of my client contacts aren’t really sure where I am going with this question and give me one-word or very vague answers. So I go back and ask them for more until I have enough. And when do I have enough? When I can clearly see what is so special through their eyes.

And then, love happens…

I Pour Love into Your Content

Then I take what you love and I post about it. And I continually come back to it. I bet you can guess what happens then: Fans fall in love as well.

This is why I think it’s awesome when a client asks if they can send my social media client questionnaire to several members of their organization. Then I can get multiple perspectives and multiple wells of love to draw from.

I regularly call this my passion content, because love content sounds a bit hokey for me. By sharing your passion, your fans will connect with that admission and be more likely to connect, like, share and basically hit all the social media buttons. Simply because it’s a real feeling that is coming through your content.

And since it’s usually the most engaging content, I try to post this kind of content before or after something that will typically not do as well. Its higher reach will only help content that comes after it or it can raise reach back up after a piece of content didn’t do so well.

Even though it’s often overlooked, it’s the most useful content to have in your arsenal.

So what do you love about your own organization? Are you posting about it?

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