Weekly Results

Weekly Results 2/15/23

I’m going to keep this week’s results post a little shorter than usual, because I simply don’t want to dwell on what didn’t happen.

The long and the short of it was that I hurt my back on Wednesday evening while cleaning and cooking. You would think I would rest after that, but nope. I ran five miles Thursday morning. It honestly started out fine and I was in hopes of setting a new PR for pace, but then it just fell apart. By the last mile, it hurt to walk. And did I rest my back then? Somewhat. I have a seven month old, so there’s no such thing as resting my back.

It has since healed, so of course my daughter got sick and needed tons more mommy time. I have processes in place for my usual workflow to be able to overcome when I am sick or when my daughter needs me more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared to add in the new work for that.

So we stuck with the same old, same old, and I saw similar results from the previous week.

I’m honestly proud of the fact that I was able to keep up with the usual workflow and keep things going. That tells me that I’m doing a lot of things right, including slowly adding instead of trying to do all the things at once. This is something I consistently tell my clients, but I usually do the opposite personally. The fact that I’m listening to my own advice is helping me not have a catastrophe of feeling like I can’t do everything so I should do nothing. Instead, I’m able to look back at a week where I had tons of goals and say, “Yeah, I didn’t get all that done, but look at everything I did get done.” Kind of cool.

Most Read Page

It didn’t surprise me at all that my most read page was What I Am Reading. A couple friends told me they are now looking for this weekly post. While you can make the argument that it won’t necessarily get me business, it’s a post that keeps me motivated and I enjoy writing it. I think it also shows the kind of person I am. So while it won’t get people looking for me, it might get those who are already here to consider me more strongly for work.

Other than that, I’m packing up and trying again this week. My daughter is starting to feel better, so I have all the faith that I will be able to add to what I do this week. Let’s hope that’s true.

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