What I Am Reading

What I Am Reading 6/21/24

Is it just me or are these weeks feeling shorter and shorter? I have so much on my schedule right now and it seems like there is less and less time to do it. Maybe it was going away for the weekend or maybe it is the feral toddler who is running circles around me. Whatever it is, I keep thinking about my favorite character in a movie… Bill Nighy’s character in About Time. I would love to keep rewinding so I could spend endless time reading and learning. I mean, how great would that be? Until I get this magical power, I guess I’m stuck making the most out of every minute I do have.

Now let’s get to the good reads and the not-so-good reads.

Reading Social Media News

If you haven’t heard, Google had a leak and it caused quite the commotion online. If you want the lowdown on what happened and what you should know Moz put together a great guide as well as some takeaways.

Meta has recognized for awhile that one-on-one messaging is the future of social media, and they have given brands more tools to address that. I would look for more and more innovations here, since fans are getting a bit more savvy and more protective of their privacy.

Reading Books, Books and More Books


The Husbands by Holly Gramazio had some issues. I don’t feel like it was fully committed to its world after the addition of another character who is going through the same issue as the main character. Shouldn’t he be in different worlds than her? How is he able to text and email her? This bothers me more than anything. The writing is super readable and it’s a great summer read. It just comes with problems. If you are unlike me and can overlook this kind of thing, go for it. Score: B-


When I curled up with Table for Two by Amor Towles, it already felt like that comfy sweater I love to put on. I’m still nervous because of how much I historically have not liked short stories, but I think Towles might be able to convert me. At least temporarily. I don’t know. I’m just so happy with this right now.


Joseph O’Neill wrote a book I absolutely adore: Netherland. I read it a few times. I love the simplicity and how it reminded me of The Great Gatsby. I’m kind of disappointed in my lack of curiosity here, because I never bothered to look to see if he had written anything else. So when I read about Godwin, I was delightfully surprised and felt lots of warm memories towards his previous work. I’m super excited to tackle this one and to tell you about it. I really hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

So what are you reading? What books are you looking forward to?

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