Weekly Results

My Weekly Results 2/8/23

I’ve been spending this last week working behind the scenes, so even though you might not have seen any changes, there were several. So what were the results of those changes? Let’s take a look.

Goal: Keep Doing What I Am Doing

This is a deceptive goal, since I was putting the processes in place to keep publishing at this pace. I haven’t missed a blog post day yet, even though I really wanted to throw in the towel a couple of those days. Despite that, I am in a far better place for publishing than I was last week.

My stretch goal was a ten percent increase in link clicks. I didn’t make it. I had a dip, which is to be expected on the second week. I still saw some growth despite this, so it’s totally okay that I did not make this goal.

Best Network: Instagram

I fully expected my best network for link clicks (what I am focused on at the moment) to be LinkedIn, and so it came as a surprise that Instagram took this again this week.

To be honest, not only did I have link clicks, but I also had some positive messages about the content. That is beyond valuable and confirms my belief that you can stay true to what Instagram is while making it a real link click generator.

Underperforming Network: Facebook

My link clicks took a nose dive on Facebook. I have some theories on why I’m getting these results, but the fact is that I only shared one of the blog posts on my personal Facebook whereas I had shared two the week before. Personally, I get way more reach than my business profile does. Not surprising at all.

However, I do not want to continually post my blog posts on my personal Facebook page. It doesn’t feel right, unless I have something that will connect with that particular audience. So I will continue to do that sparingly and come up with strategies to increase the reach of my business profile.

Most Read Page: What I Am Reading 2/3/23

When I leave a place open to talk about books, people in my network are going to read it and respond. So even though this is technically not a business post, it’s still a fun post to do and it will move my business forward to create engaging content that my network likes.

My mental health posts also did really well over the last week. I know that topic is a strength of mine, and I can create change by continuing to post about it. So you will definitely see more of that.

What I Learned

I learned that it’s time to take next steps. This week felt more comfortable and less frantic than the previous week, and that is exactly where I wanted to get to. So basically I’ve learned that I’ve settled on a work process for the current content and now it’s time to add to it.

I also learned that Facebook is in need of a new strategy. This was always the plan, as I didn’t think links would work as the only content for this network. But I needed to create as much content as possible on my website before I focused on network-specific content. With more varied content, I expect better results.

This Week’s Goal: Add Graphics to the Content I Am Producing

I created a template for tips and I will be adding that and other kinds of graphics this week. I don’t feel comfortable diving into videos just yet (maybe next week?) as they take more planning. For now, graphics feel like the logical next step to add.

This may seem maddeningly common sense to some, but the issue is that I see way too many people do a full-on social media spree to promote themselves. Eventually they burn out and the whole thing just dies. So what I am doing instead is slowly adding one thing at a time to make it easier on myself and to make it more sustainable. I don’t want to jump into doing something full force and feel like all of these things are uncomfortable. If I do that, I won’t know what is not working and I might abandon the whole thing all together.

My stretch goal is just an increase in link clicks. I’d like to see Facebook perform better and I think with a bigger variety of content, it should do that. We shall see.

Is there anything else you would like to see from my results post? Let me know!

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