What I Am Reading 6/14/24

What I Am Reading 6/14/24

It’s been a much slower week for reading in my house.

I’ve been sick and we just have been super busy as a family. Somehow I thought summer would be slower for our family since so many of my daughter’s activities were on break. Instead it’s been choosing between multiple activities going on at the same time and then running from one to the other. On Saturday, we went from story time to an outdoor big band concert and then after my daughter’s nap, we walked to the nearby big arts festival. Summer is a lot, especially with a toddler.

But despite all that, I definitely did some reading. Here’s what I’ve got:

Reading Social Media News

There has been a lot of uproar with Google volatility lately. I’m basically with everyone who says to get out of your head about what’s going on and focus on the basics. Basics have always been the way to go, and most people’s biggest mistake is forgetting how to do them. This is a great refresher from Search Engine Land on how to create useful, searchable content.

I’m going to say the thing I’m not supposed to say out loud: I think most brands overuse hashtags. The data backs me up, and on client posts, I’ve seen no significant increase in reach by using hashtags. However, there are great use cases for them, so you will never see any of my clients totally abandon hashtags. They are just used with purpose. Well, Threads had to come along and ruin the game. I’ll have to rethink how I’m using hashtags on that app and what will work for my clients there. Great, way to make me think, Threads. Just kidding. I love a new puzzle.

Reading Books, Books and More Books


All Fours by Miranda July proves that I should maybe read more about a book before I fully commit to it. Holy cow was this graphic. This was about a selfish and naive middle-aged woman who becomes sexually free within her marriage, but wants no labels on it. She is grappling with perimenopause and everything that comes with it. I’ve met women like this at this age (that I’m fast approaching), so I don’t think it’s all that far fetched. But I find her craving for too much just as annoying in the book as I find these women in person. The writing is beautiful and that is likely a big part of the problem. When you’re writing beautifully about too muchness, it almost chokes the reader. Also, what is this with authors writing about having this adventure and then writing a book about it? It keeps coming up in books lately, and it’s starting to feel overdone. Score: C+


Because I’ve had so much going on, The Husbands by Holly Gramazio is still staring at me begging to be read. I can’t believe I’m writing this without currently being stuck within another world. But this is where we’re at. I’m behind, but I’ll be spending at least twelve hours in a car this weekend going back and forth to North Carolina. I’ll catch up.


The way I pick which book I read next is by renewing all of the books that are on my list of checked out books from the library. Whichever one does not renew is the next book I’m reading. Table for Two by Amor Towles came up, and I couldn’t press the renew button to see what would happen (it likely wouldn’t renew but I didn’t want to chance it). I adore Towles’ books. He hasn’t written enough for me. I want to take in every glorious word and really feel what he is portraying. I normally would buy one of his books, but I stopped myself here because it’s short stories. Historically, I don’t love short stories. So my meager book budget went elsewhere, even though I love his writing. Ugh, I know I will want this in my library. I’m sure I’ll buy it later.

So what are you reading? What books are you looking forward to?

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