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  • Stop Talking Bad About Social Media Managers

    Stop Talking Bad About Social Media Managers

    I have had this happen time and time again in different variations. The social media managers are constantly on the wrong end of some really terrible words. I’ll come into a new client and have them fill out my trusty questionnaire. Somehow talk about how bad the previous social media manager happens. I used to…

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  • Take Rest

    Take Rest

    There is something comical about writing this post today after writing about how I’m a bit of a machine. I fell behind this week, and it coordinated with a time that my family needed me to take rest. So instead of posting a blog post yesterday that was extremely close to being ready, I took…

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  • How I Create Consistent Content

    How I Create Consistent Content

    Someone said to me recently, “Boy, you write an insane amount of content.” I had to pause, because it rarely feels like a lot. But I have been posting for clients for such a long time that I have processes for putting out consistent content even when I don’t want to. I recently wrote about…

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  • Become a Social-First Organization

    Become a Social-First Organization

    When I saw this post from a Duolingo social media manager, I cheered. Social-first thinking? Having open communication with your social media manager? Empowering your social team? YES. These are all the makings of great social media marketing and will get organizations so much further. Are you thinking this sounds like a pipe dream? Do…

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